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This was the first restaurant the DMV Noodle has reviewed. We had our first meeting at the restaurant two weeks ago and we have rated DC Noodles on a scale of 1 to 5; 5 being the best! Overall, DC Noodles receives a 4.5 stars from us! The restaurant is easily accessible by Metro, or car for people who are visiting the area. Upon walking into the restaurant, our first impressions were that it was clean, hip, and kind of small, well designed, high ceiling Walking in. We thought the lighting inside meshed well with the natural lighting outside. Loved how creative and unique their interior design is near the table where we sat. Interesting art on the walls, comfortable seating, everything on the menu sounded like something I'd want to try! We all ordered something different: Chicken noodle soup with spicy broth and wide rice noodle, Thai basil pesto, thin rice noodle soup with spicy ginger broth, pork and shrimp, AND Burmese Kao Soi (egg noodles). The spicy broth is definitely SPICY! Overall, the other dishes weren't spice and only received a 2 on the spice level. The presentation, broth/sauces, and noodle textures all received over 4 stars for the group! We were all impressed by our dishes and the service. The restaurant was small, but the waiters were on top of things. We would would recommend making a reservation if you plan on going there during dinner. If you get the chance, have the pork buns! They were tasty: simple, clean, and delicious cut of pork belly. Thai Basil Pesto was fantastic. All of our members thought the Thai basil pesto noodles were amazing! Liked the small menu size, the decor, and the robust selection of noodles to choose from. DC Noodles on U Street was easy to find, lovely interior, and the individuals serving us communicated the menu very well, and were absolutely understanding when it came to asking questions or asking for a little more time. They never left us for too long, or came too soon. Always attentive and friendly. It was comfortable, the indoor temperature was comfortable, the service was tranquil and consistent, and the food was really well made and presentable. The coat hangers were a plus too! A good place to go if people in your group are in the mood to try different styles of noodles/dishes. The curry noodles were good, but our member said that the serving size was very large, but taking it home was no problem! Restaurant advertised a long happy hour (which we did not try out) for various food and drink. We would definitely come back!

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