Daikaya Ramen Review

The DMV Noodle Club’s first impression of Daikaya was fun, hip, and small. It was really crowded when we first walked up so there was a promise of the food being delicious!

Just a warning, Daikaya does not take reservations, so be prepared to wait. We placed our reservation on the spot since (from our understanding) phone reservations are not taken. It would have been a lot more comfortable waiting in this atmosphere if the front waitress / greeter had been a little more open with her communication or self-starting with updating us regarding why it had taken a little longer than expected to be seated. We ended up waiting almost an hour to be seated and we had a party of five. Once we were seated, our waitress was attentive and very helpful!

We ordered, shoyu with pork belly, shoyu ramen with no meat, mogi-miso ramen with pork, and the mogi-miso ramen with shrimp and pork belly. The ramen was delicious. Full bodied, well made noodles, and the pork was cooked to tender perfection. Noodles had a nice chewyness to them and the broth was light. didn't feel like I had a brick in my stomach after eating it. Egg was really nicely marinated too. One of our club members usually doesn’t like ramen, but was quoted saying “I already want to go back and get more. The noodles didn't get super mushy and the broth was tasty.” You should eat the ramen in a timely manner because one of our members did notice that “Towards the end, my noodles became a little more soggy than I expected, but the taste was good. I am typically a huge fan of Ramen, so I enjoyed eating this dish.” To give your ramen an extra kick, make sure to order a spice bomb!

The only other critique we had was to be aware that the restaurant is small so getting a spot might be tough. Overall, we rate Daikaya a 3 out of 5 due to the wait and service.

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