Lotte Market Plaza Food Review

The Noodle Club visited Lotte Mart on June 30th. Our first impression of Lotte Mart was that it kind of reminded us of an Asian Costco. You have to take a car, or bus to get there since there is no other way, but it is easy to find! Inside there is a tony food area so we weren’t expecting that many options, but once we walked up to see the menu, there were SO MANY options! The amount of options could be overwhelming and be prepared because it is busy, even during off times.

We had no complaints! The food did take a little longer than expected (since you’re in a grocery store), but it could be because the bowls are all made fresh. The manner in which everything was presented was more than enough for us to be comfortable. Neatly organized, a picture for every meal, and a nice *ding* when your food is ready, followed by your number flashing on a screen. We each had, Seafood spicy udon. Spicy Kimchi Noodles (I forgot the full name), and Sachun Kan Chajangmyon which are spicy black bean noodles with squid and beef.

It was perfectly spicy and the udon noodles were a great springy texture. The seafood was well cooked and not too chewy. Definitely a place we would like to return to. While the food court was a little hectic, the sachun kan chajangmyon was delicious. It had a solid spicy kick that balanced nicely with the rich and subtle sweetness of the black bean sauce. The noodles were robust (not quite as thick as udon, but thicker than ramen) and the proteins were proportioned well. Overall, great inexpensive comfort food. We recommend pairing this with the tangsuyuk (deep fried pork in sweet and sour sauce), which goes perfectly with the dish.

One of us went went way out of our comfort zone with seafood soup. It was better than he expected, but the flavor combo definitely wasn’t something he was used to. It wasn’t super fishy which was good, but still had a seafoody hint in the broth. So if you like seafood soup it's perfect for you. Spiciness was great cause it had a kick but it wasn't painful to the point I had to stop eating for water! Reasonably priced, all food is made very well, and quite tasty. It is also a great area to socialize and feel productive. All in all, we would rate this 4 out of 5 stars! Want some more specifics on broth, noodle consistency, etc? Check out our IG page: DMVNoodleClub

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