Ciao Osteria Review

The DMV Noodle Club visited Ciao Osteria at the end of March. We thought it was easy enough to find, but that the outside signs were a little confusing. Some first impressions that we got were seeing two CIAOs, then differentiating between the dessert and the restaurant. I then walked in and felt a warm, inviting atmosphere with a bar in the back I was looking forward to. Loved the brick wall, and the lights at the bar. Some of our members thought that the restaurant was the typical Italian restaurant and nothing was too extraordinary about the appearance. We rated the service a solid 5! Now, we all tried different types of pasta: Aioli, Ravioli, Pasta Al Forno, Carbonara, MILINCIANA A PARMIGIANA - in other words, "eggplant battered, fried and layered with tomato sauce and Parmigiano Reggiano baked with mozzarella, served with pasta." The taste of the noodles was average across the board. The Pasta Al Forno had the most fun presentation! The Carbonara isn't supposed to have cream so it was weird having an Italian restaurant add it. Pancetta chunks were pretty big too compared to usually but it was good so that's a plus. Bit too much oil, I like carbonara cause it induces a heart attack with minimal ingredients and I wish they used more parmesan in the sauce than oil. They definitely give you enough noodles for two servings. The overall impression of the restaurant, service, and food was great! We ended the meal with some delicious gelato and many of us poured espresso over it for an affogato! Brian (or Bryan) was our server, and he's absolutely awesome and made the experience way better. He loves where he works, appreciates his coworkers, and knows his history when it comes to the restaurant. Always kept up with us without us even having to ask and let us try certain flavors before ordering dessert despite how busy it was. Simply a cool and composed guy. My pasta was just the right amount, it might have been the fact that I talked a lot, therefore had plenty of time to digest it and finish. My dessert afterwards was also nice, I was influenced by my partner sitting beside me to pour my espresso over the gelato, enhancing its flavor. Great experience here. Some of us are already planning on coming back to try the pizza!You get served the initial bread with olive oil, parmesan cheese, and balsamic vinegar. Our waters were always full and the bread was always within arms reach. The food came out quickly, and the presentation was simple but it was DELICIOUS. I wanted to keep eating it even after feeling like I could roll away with how stuffed I felt. The pasta al forno comes out hot and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Overall, a good choice for reliable, no-frills Italian noodles.

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